Only evaluation that allows you to identify the deviation or adaptation of your type of natural thought


Why the model is different?

The Benziger Model and the BTSA are probably the best tools available to understand, measure and make decisions regarding how a person thinks.

No other model is so integrated. The results of no other evaluation are as useful for decision-making as those of the BTSA. Users who have used for a long time (from 10 to 20 years) other tools such as the MBTI Index, Disc / Performax and Wilson Learning have reported greater satisfaction and success with their clients when using the BTSA. Some corporate human relations executives refer to the BTSA as a "breath of fresh air."

The model:


The BTSA is the only evaluation that allows you to identify the deviation or adaptation of the type of natural thought, thus allowing to achieve greater health, physical and emotional of the person evaluated

Based on each profile numerically for greater accuracy.

Highlights the unique contribution that each function makes to life based on the neurophysiological foundations on functional specialization.

Uses labels without value judgments that identify the region of the brain that seems to be responsible for each function, which makes it easy to see the four functions as equal.

Reveals the extent to which auxiliary and weak functions have been developed.

Structure discussions of exploration and maximizes ideas by identifying changes in the way the individual uses their brain.


Benefits to form teams



In the development of teams, the BTSA provides valuable information as well, since it maps the competences of each team member and shows the areas of greatest strength and weakness. With this information you can perform analyzes, establish strategies to balance the vision; and plan the incorporation of new members to complement the team.

The BTSA can contribute to the company:

 Raising self-knowledge
 In the selection processes
 In the creation of retention plans
 In the design of career plans

 In the improvement of communication
 In the formation of highly efficient teams
 In the design of competency models

 In the improvement of positions profiles
 In the coaching processes
 In the decrease of rotation


Benefits for the people

People reach a greater knowledge about how they evaluate different situations and how they act accordingly, which makes it possible to generate strategies to improve communication and relationships. They also understand how to experience the state of "flow"; based on the efficient domain of the brain's natural strength, to achieve optimal performance.



The BTSA does not label people, does not have good or bad answers, the individual manages to apply the results obtained in his own life in a useful and novel way. It has a great impact on the awareness, and the generation of development plans.


Benefits for the teenagers

Choosing a career is something that generates a lot of anxiety, and we do not always know how to do it successfully. The percentage of university dropout and career changes show that our decisions in this regard are not based on the self-knowledge of our strengths; but rather in reactions to the social or family environment, which cannot be sustained over time.


Young people who go through this process of self-discovery with Benziger, make more confident decisions, and with a greater degree of responsibility to have increased their level of knowledge about themselves.

¨ I really liked the activity and I was anxious about the results of the Test. I learned about my personality and I was able to answer all my doubts. I recognized my way of being and I'm happy. Thank you!! Seriously.

¨Very good, I learned a lot about myself, it helped me a lot to discover myself, what my skills are and what things do not suit me¨.

"I am very happy because I realized that I am going to lean towards Psychology, and I found the experience very good and much better than a vocational test. I thought it was a good idea to do it based on how our brain works. "

Valentina Rojas, 18 years old

Matías Pereyra, 17 years old

Catalina Klein, 18 years old

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