Benziger Thinking Styles Assessment

The BTSA is the result of over 25 years of research, including the most recent discoveries in neuroscience. The use of the profile evaluation service provides the opportunity for the person evaluated to know about himself, in a way that no other tool does.


Conducting the evaluation is very easy. You can click on the button below and then receive an email with the link to access the 68-question evaluation.

Once one of our consultants revises your data, you will receive your Personal Feedback Report with a length of approximately 24 pages and designed to identify your natural preferences and adoption patterns or "type falsification", a fully individualized analysis that discusses your strengths and specific weaknesses in the work, their patterns of collaboration or development and the steps you can take to maximize their productivity and happiness.

Take advantage of your natural talents!


Adolescents evaluation

Defining a life project is something that generates a lot of anxiety and is not always successful. The degree of university dropout and career changes show that often decisions in this regard are not based on the self-knowledge of one's own strengths, but rather on reactions to the social or family environment, which can not be sustained over time.  


The evaluation one is designed exclusively for teenagers, and it helps you to know in depth with what talent you came to the world, for what things you have a natural gift, a certain ease and talent.

one is a platform that helps you do what you're passionate about, and get the most out of it.


one is designed with the Benziger Model, the only one that allows you to identify the deviation or adaptation of your type of natural thought.  


Doing what you like most is in you. Connect with your best version!  


one is a powerful tool that helps you find key answers, involving you in a process of exploration and self-discovery, fundamental for the construction of your life project.

Do you know your talent?
Do you now how to enhance it?


Talent Plus workshop



75% of people have a misperception of their natural strengths. 80% of people do not use their natural strengths in their work life.


This workshop will allow you to understand the impact of brain preferences on individuals and organizations. You can identify the natural strengths of each evaluated and how to get the best out of them.


It allows improving the effectiveness, the collaboration skills and the general well-being, through a better understanding of one's own strengths, at an individual and team level.


With TALENT PLUS the analysis is deepened by grouping the competences according to the different thinking styles, and in this way visualizing the degree of agreement between their results and the natural gifts of each evaluated person, to continue orienting and increasing their potential.



 Meditate about your own talents and the best way to achieve fast and effective improvements in your performance

Understand about type deviation and stress level

Predict human behavior by understanding the Tonal Scale

Recognize how interpersonal communication and leadership are determined by our thinking style

Understand the differences between people  in order to improve teamwork and productivity

Detect areas of opportunity of each evaluated team and the organization

Linking the skills that describe the profile of each person evaluated with their natural talents


 Training on the Benziger Model

Results report of the Benziger Thinking Style Evaluation and Complement Guides

Report of results of the 3GO ° Evaluation, based on the "Brain Styles Competencies Manual"

Guide to create the Individual Development Plan, strategies, actions and steps to follow to reach the best version of the evaluated person.

Workshop Manual

Book "Maximizing", by Dr. Katherine Benziger

US$ 250 credit for the completion of the International Certification Workshop for Benziger Licensees Level 1


3GO° Evaluation

We present the evolution of 360 assessments:



It allows recognize the performance of each of the evaluated person according to their different behaviors and skills required by the organization and the particular position.


Detects areas of opportunity for the individual, the team and / or the organization.


Carry out precise actions to improve the performance of the staff and, therefore, of the organization.


It is the only tool that links the skills that describe the profile of each person evaluated with their natural talents.


Improves effectiveness, collaboration skills and general well-being, through a better understanding of each person’s own strengths.

The result of the 3G0 is a report of 35 pages where the individual competences are presented, grouped by thinking styles, as well as a cluster of independent competences.


- Detection of blind spots and hidden strengths: combining your own perceptions with those of those around you in your work life, you can discover things to improve and opportunities to develop.


Coaching with BTSA

"The art of supporting a person to find and develop their extraordinary innate abilities, their essence, the nature of their talent".


The nature of today's world requires people oriented to build harmonious environments, impregnated with good will, creative to invent new products and new marketing strategies, and logical thinkers to evaluate situations and decide the best way to respond. In other words, the business today needs the full spectrum of functions identified by Dr. Carl G. Jung.


"Dominance is normal and natural. Nobody knows and cannot do everything equally well. We all perform better in the long term when each contributes from their own strengths and resorts to others when our weaknesses come into play. "

Dr. Katherine Benziger

Our coaching process is aimed at people and professionals who seek balance in their own lives, managing to adapt their expectations to their natural gifts and personal abilities.


Coaching for young people: we help them identify, value and develop their natural gifts. We support you to identify that special capacity that differentiates you, the BTSA has proven to be very helpful in vocational guidance processes.


Coaching for Adults: the BTSA helps them to become aware of the degree of adaptation or falsification of their natural type, if this were the case. Likewise, it allows you to identify and retake your essence or natural talents, thus achieving to raise motivation and optimize your results in your professional and personal life.


Team Coaching: We guarantee to improve the quality of communication, increase confidence, greater performance and commitment in your teams.


We invite you to walk this path with us, we do virtual or face-to-face sessions. Do you want to be contacted by one of our experts in your country?

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